Launched in July 2010 with the aim of establishing Bath as a destination city for art, the Bath Galleries Group brought together a broad cross-section of galleries, institutions and associates throughout the city in celebration of the burgeoning art scene waiting to be discovered in this world heritage city.

Understood to be the only group of its kind in the UK, the Bath Galleries Group is unique in uniting the city’s purveyors of art with a shared aim: the furthering of art within both the immediate community and further afield. The group brings together an acclaimed blend of visual arts within one of the largest concentrations of galleries in the country, and presents it to an international audience in celebration of the city and its rich heritage.

With the patronage of Sir Christopher Frayling, the Bath Galleries Group proudly presents Bath as a city alive with art: established or emerging, traditional or contemporary, all are catered for within the Georgian splendor of this thriving art mecca.

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